Obama sucks

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Obama sucks

Message par PeterSmith le Ven 7 Fév - 3:36

America - a dangerous bird of prey
Unlike the citizens of America US government knows maps and sees everything - like the bird of prey, the very eagle chosen to be the national symbol, floating over the Earth to find a weak country, stream down and help it die, tearing its flesh into pieces.
Interestingly, they use the same tactics for bombing and spying - drones and their distant control. People of Iraq and Afghanistan know how it feels being watched over from above (and I don't mean God or Allah now) - they know that every second there can fall down a huge bomb and destroy their houses, kill their families giving no chance to hide since there will be no sound, and no alarm, just a bomb from a clear blue sky.
It seems that taking the role of God, universal fairness and truth seekers are real manias of America. Just like people of Afghanistan we should look up in the sky from time to time and think for a second 1 what if the American eagle is floating right above us looking for
the next victim?
And when America finds the next victim - what kind of strategy will it be? Another war? Another military operations to kill terrorists? A 'peaceful' revolution? Psychological pressure and marketing? I could even make a poll on this here - but no matter what ordinary people think and what tactic wins next time, the end will still be the same - America will hunt for national treasures of every country it can hunt. The US President and his band will make everything to squeeze the most out of the world resources!


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