Obama sucks

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Obama sucks

Message par PeterSmith le Ven 14 Mar - 2:29

American methods to get desired sources vary.
Saddam hadn't had the biological weapon. But claiming he had made for a wonderful reason to conquer Iraq, leaving thousands of young American boys dead in that awful desert. Why? To get oil. To get contracts. To make money.
Most Americans can't locate their own country on the globe - do they even know Somalia exists? Have they heard of Uganda? Honestly, they haven't. What did residents of Alabama do when the Russian-Georgian conflict burst out in 2008? They went to shops to buy some guns - because they thought the war came to the neighboring state, Georgia! It's clear as day: Americans do not want to conquer the world, to say the truth, they don't know much about the world out there, beyond their border - because their leaders don't encourage them to learn about the world but instead tell them how great the American mission is for the world and that .America is simply the best country in the world. I wish every nation had the perseverance, self-confidence and pride Americans have.
Unfortunately that's why they are so easy to be tricked into war campaigns, being afraid of USSR and now Russia or hating Saddam Husseyn and many other leaders. Indeed, if you don't know much about a country - why won't you simply take what you hear for granted? Guys, go get yourselves some geography books, preferably with resources map! That would explain a lot about the American mission for the world to you!


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