Obama sucks

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Obama sucks

Message par RRRoux le Dim 23 Fév - 5:42

American life, I live the American dream - listen to this Madonna song because she puts a lot o f smart questions in front of thinking people.
Some time ago (I hope you know about that, my American friends) Soviet propaganda created the image of enemy to make the nation to forget or ignore problems inside the state. Now the USA does the opposite - they form the idea of paradise on Earth, the free country that professes human rights, freedom of speech, privacy, and equal opportunities as the essence of the American dream idea.
Some more advice from Razzle-Dazzle:
‘... give them an act with lots of flash in it
and the reaction will be passionate
Give them old hocus-pocus,
Bead and feather4em
How can they see with sequins in their eyes?’
What's the result of that propaganda? People from numerous countries dream about getting to America. They use whatever reason or opportunity they can find - Baptists, war refugees, repressions victims, etc come to America striving to stay. Do they find decent jobs? No, because they are either not educated or because their certificates do not match American standardization systems and it's too difficult to pass the exams. Plus they don't usually know the language that well. Do they get a legal status? Not often. It's quite common that people stay in America illegally which again puts a lot of obstacles in terms of education, employment and social issues like healthcare and safety.
America is not heaven; it's just an image that the country promotes for everyone to believe! People, don't be that naive - change things in your countries, do something to help your motherland grow stronger and not to give in! Don't become victims of the American policy!


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