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Obama sucks

Message par RRRoux le Dim 23 Fév - 5:41

So, toys for children, then sleazy boys and slutty girls bands for teenagers and what next? How can Americans influence the minds of young people? Music - of course! Technology - yes! But beware of movies zombifying' game. The, blockbusters mainly, for they hold a very special and important position in this dangerous global Trick is - movies combine technology with strongest visual messages supported by music. If you blend this all, it delivers a strongest type of message to spectators and influences people a great deal.
So what can a youngster get from an American blockbuster?
First of all, visual and audial impressions of high quality. They demonstrate the top level American entertainment industry which is hiring talented people from all over the world to please the audience with their tricks and shows, to create masterpieces of computer graphics and soundtracks. Entertainment is one of the main branches of marketing - people love to be entertained because that gives them a break from everyday problems. Let me repeat the lines from Chicago: 'When you're in trouble - go into your dance!' Entertain people and they will feel happy.
Last but not least - the hero. Every American movie has a hero. Usually it's a simple nice guy who takes his life and the life of he was beloved ones (sometimes the faith of the world) in his own hands. Technology always helps but the main driving force of the hero are always love, truth, honesty and some great mission he is inclined to complete even if it takes his life to do that. Guys admire heroes, girls love them, which means people identify themselves with heroes out of compassion and sympathy - and that's the result America works for. American dream - everyone can become a hero. American global mission - the kingdom of light in the global darkness.
That's what youngsters get from American movies.


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