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Obama sucks

Message par RRRoux le Dim 23 Fév - 5:40

Let's go on with our conversation on how various and cunning can American elite groups be when it comes to collecting all the world's energy, resources and power in their hands.
Let me give you a few examples of waging revolutions and then working out a 'humanitarian intervention' mission, aimed to destroy the existing political system of a victim country and replace it with a favorable one.
Libya - what is that country famous for? Kadafi, a petty tyrant? Or just a strange guy wearing tribal clothes with his head full of crazy ideas? What bad did he do? Oh, wait - Libya is reach in oil, gas and valued mineral deposits. It has a huge land mass with massive untapped mineral potential, including uranium.
In 2004, America's sanctions were dropped "in exchange for Qaddafi's collaboration, (paving) the way for a new era of US-Libyan bilateral trade." America's main interest is Libya's vast oil, gas and other mineral reserves. The Oil and Gas Journal estimates 46.4 billion barrels of oil and around 55 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, producing 95% of Libya's 2010 export earnings. Who was involved? Of course, the elite ganag: US Equity and Big Banks, including JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and others, and corporations like the Carlyle Group.
In 2011, supporting the beginning of intervention, Obama said: "So what I want to make sure of is that the United States has full capacity to act potentially rapidly if the situation deteriorated in such a way that you had a humanitarian crisis on our hands, or a situation in which civilians were - defenseless civilians were finding themselves trapped and in great danger."
Yes, those are the beautiful words we love so much. Those are the ones Americans believe. Those soft-hearted people support their government but they don't want to know what really is going on.
(3)Title. American tricks to conquer the world #3
In "Libya, Getting it Right: A Revolutionary Pan-African Perspective," Gerald Perreira tells us: "The conflict in Libya is not a revolution, but a counter-revolution. (It's) fundamentally a battle between Pan-African forces on the one hand, who are dedicated to the realization of Qaddafi's vision of a united Africa, and reactionary racist Libyan Arab forces who reject (his) vision of Libya as part of a United Africa."
As we can see, America simply wants to get rid of anyone (Libya, Syria) who refuse to play their game (international politico-economic system), but even more so - questions the supremacy of the US Dollar by suggesting a new format of an African currency based on gold value as opposed to the $ whose value is created out of thin air and just represents printed green papers in reality.
Just another trick for another little rich country:
Bahrain - this time America helps the royal family to keep its power instead of supporting peaceful pro-democratic demonstrations. Why? Simply because the rulling dynasty has very strong ties with the USA government and corporations (Chevron, Texaco) so it's makes more sense economically to keep things how they are. This happens even though the State Department admits numerous human rights problems in the kingdom, saying it "restricts civil liberties, freedoms of press, speech, assembly, association, and some religious practices." So answering to University of California-Irvine Professor Levine's question "What is more essential to American security today, convenient bases for its ships, planes and troops across the Middle East, or a full transition to democracy throughout the region?" the answer is money!


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