Obama sucks

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Obama sucks

Message par RRRoux le Dim 23 Fév - 5:23

Honesty seems to be the most important thing for Americans. We get a lot of examples: no matter what you did, go with it, admit to it and those emotional softhearted people will give you a chance or even trust you more! Clinton went for it, G. Bush Jr wasn't a fan of admitting to his mistakes, then Obama used the popular democrat trick to convince people of the USA to trust in him. Indeed, if you tell about your sins yourself what harm can come from your competitors?
I really think that's clever. But is honesty the most important thing people need from the President? 1 hate to say but I agree with G. Bush Jr in the same video - what if crowds of young people follow this road? They can get addicted! They can be forced into selling drugs or simply think it's a good idea to make money. They can get arrested and really ruin all their future by getting a record. No, this is not the kind of example people need from the President. The person who uses his youth stories to promote his 'honesty' does not think about all the young minds whose life can go all wrong if they really listen to their President's message - boys and girls, go, use drugs, they'll help you to make peace with yourself, they make people equal and in the end you'll get all the chances to become the President of this country!
Do you want to come home one day, feel the pot smell in your kid's room and then hear back - Mum, you don't understand - all the Presidents do it?!!!!
What if Obama had a record? What if all the fake birth certificate hustle was organized to just to keep him from jail? No wonder all the US nation are not sure what his real name is or where he was born.


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