Obama sucks

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Obama sucks

Message par PeterSmith le Lun 17 Fév - 14:54

What are the plans of America for the world?
Addressing the Congress in Feb 2013 Obama spoke of 2 global projects - Transatlantic and Transpacific cooperations. One of them is a treaty with EU to block developing countries strengthening on the world political and economic arenas. The other one is, on the opposite, an agreement with Asian states against the EU leadership. And Russia is quite expectably mentioned as one of the main sources of natural and labor resources, the biggest country in the world being the main 'America 2050' target for exploiting and undermining its economic efficiency and ... We all know that before 'perestroika' that took place in the USSR under Gorbachev the USA hadn't dared to think of using the treasures of that huge territory. The Soviet State was a closed, scary and powerful competitor of America in the global leader's race under Brezhnev. And all the American politicians put their efforts into the cold war games, both military and political. So they could only dream about Russian resources from a far, like the Lafontaine tale fox.
Imagine breathtaking opportunities that the USSR collapse opened to Americans! So the political faith of the current and the following US Presidents depends greatly on how well they are able to exploit Russian resources - the biggest origin of wealth on the planet. Keep that in mind when watching Obama's cunning moves - it's America's main destiny to get the most out of Eurasian empire. That doesn't protect EU countries or any other nations form that international criminal and his elite gang.


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