Obama sucks

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Obama sucks

Message par PeterSmith le Lun 17 Fév - 14:32

Obama hides the fact that he is Muslim for real. He always says he is a Christian, especially when it gets to gay rights, remember? But I think it's better this way. Imagine a Muslim US President in the open switches to Christianity? What would you call that? I call it prostitution! So let's just talk about fraud which it is. Americans would never vote for a Muslim, even as soft-hearted as they are, considering how angry they've all became after 9/11. They gave up their famous freedom and rights to go through controls in airports just like cows do, to allow recording and retrieving all the necessary data from cell operators should the FBI want to spy on anyone. And if their air traffic controllers would go on strike like we our French guys did? My guess is they would quickly get to Guantanamo or another secret prison of theirs.
Na-ah, those people would never vote for a Muslim! They hear some alarming news - they run to save their lives and hide... Do you know that in 1988 President Reagan set the 1st Thursday of May to be the National Christian prayer day? In 2007 Obama said that America is no longer a Christian state and in 2008 he cancelled the annual Christian prayer day ceremony in the White House. Well, he said he wouldn't want to hurt other people's feelings. He was obviously speaking about Muslims. Sure, we shouldn't insult them - they are dangerous. Why should you care about Christian feelings? Christians don't take planes wearing explosives and don't train suicidal terrorists, for God sake, why pay attention on them?!!! It's much smarter to be gentle with Muslims. Then he made a significant progress - in 2009 there was held a Muslim prayer next to the White House and in 2010 Obama prayed together with them on the occasion of Ramadan.
"Mr. Obama grew up in an Islamic household in an Islamic part of the world. He quotes the Koran during speeches. He speaks Arabic. He bows to Islamic leaders and he apologizes for American beliefs.
When are we going to stop apologizing? When are we going to stop being politically correct so that we do not "hurt the feelings of Muslims?" When are we going to start paying attention and stop Ignoring what Is taking place In the radical Islamic world?"


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