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Obama sucks

Message par PeterSmith le Ven 7 Fév - 3:55

Georgia is an extremely interesting example of yet another, peaceful way to conquer the country. First step - you spot a vulnerable leader. Basically, any leader is vulnerable - one should just spend quite a lot of money to make the facts public and move the crowds. Step 2 - find a charismatic guy to bet on. Step 3 - provide finances, support the guy and make a peaceful revolution. Step 4 - when the guy is elected the new President build everything you want in this country, exploit the resources, train officers in New York CIA headquarters, and install your systems and technologies - i.e. take all measures so that the country would slowly or rapidly dance itself into a kind of debt that will never be able to pay back. Step 5 - if a few years later the revolutionary President rebels, even a little - play the blackmail card.
Maybe it didn't get to blackmailing stage in Georgia so far (but how would we know anyway, right?) - but for those who is still not sure: check the political turbulent processes in Latin America in 1970s-1980s. There give a rich palette of variations on the above mentioned tactic, including killing some Presidents if the blackmailing didn't work well.


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