Obama sucks

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Obama sucks

Message par PeterSmith le Ven 7 Fév - 3:40

Fake are the ideas that people sell their freedom for. Fake is the pleasure sold on every corner of American cities. Fake are the money - people only see the figures on their bank accounts but the real money doesn't exist and if anyone doubted that before, after the mortgage crisis that showed that all their system is just a big air bubble everybody knows that. If the system needs more money - they just print some more dollars while the real debt America has is unprecedentedly huge. Fake is the President with his fake birth records, fake passport, fake US citizenship, fake place of birth and fake Christianity. Fake are his views that change under the weather of another run-up for President elections. Fake are the reasons to start wars on other continents. Fake are the leaders America puts to rule weak countries. Fake are the smiles on the streets. Fake are the bravadoes and successes of people - they are forced to show off in the country that hates losers. Fake are human rights - they can be withdrawn any moment for fake reasons or fake terrorism allegations. Fake are the heroes - they rise and fall every day. Fake is the presumed equality of races - racists are everywhere: black racists in the White house and whiteys all over America.


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