Obama sucks

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Obama sucks

Message par RRRoux le Jeu 6 Fév - 3:12

Ideals. Belief. Values. Mission. Freedom. Beautiful words for big thoughts. You can't often meet a person who wouldn't find at least a couple of these words important in his/her own life. That's why it's so easy for American political gurus standing behind the politicians and putting words in their mouths to trick the people of America and all over the world using these words.
The US are the leader in marketing all over the world. They are professionals in selling the package and not the product itself. It's all about associations, implied meanings and added values. That works for all world-famous brands - from McDonald's to Tide.
The same technologies are used in politics. Just take a moment and think about it. What's behind the 'democratic values driven' policy that America delivers all over the world? How come people can't see the real motives? Well, the answer is clear - cover economic interests and the desire to rule the world with the American worldwide mission or even a responsibility to bring peace, equality, and the image of enemy - 'How can they tell the truth behind the roar?'...
Do you remember where the lyrics come from? Musical Chicago is a pure description of the American way of life. Razzle Dazzle would serve for the national anthem of the USA perfectly. Wake up, people! Personal greediness of a small elite group of people closely tied with American government drives all the change in the world! They do whatever it takes to get what they want! They don't believe a single word they say to you! Stop believing them!!


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